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25 Times People Tried To Recreate Famous Artworks And Totally Nailed It





People have been sending their entries to a project called “Take a photo of the Rembrandt type” since last December. The project’s feed on garnered over 300 submissions showing people recreating famous artworks.

The best part of this project is that anyone could be a part of it. In fact, you don’t have to be so serious in replicating these famous works of Classic Art or hire a professional photographer to take your snaps. Some entrants had a sense of humor in it but still managed to deliver what was needed.

Here are 25 times people tried to recreate famous artworks and nailed it.

1. The color scheme is identical to the original one.

2. The attention to detail is really great!

3. This is breathtaking.

4. Absolutely nailed it.

5 When a painting is brought to life.

6. When you finally realize that the cat in the painting exists in real life.

7. Looks like a poster for an upcoming play.

8. It seems that the painting was based on this girl.

9. I don’t see any difference here.

10. The use of the gauzy material was a great idea.

11. Bath time just got serious.

12. Such an amazing likeness.

13. Good thing they didn’t actually cut him open.

14. For a minute I couldn’t figure out which one was the painting!

15. The attention to detail is highly impressive.

16. Quite accurate.

17. Theatrically in the very best way!

18. Don’t know which version is scarier.

19. The one of the right also looks like a painting.

20. Those deep eyes. So lovely.

21. Beautifully staged.

22. It would have been perfect, but the woman in the recreation has an actual elbow.

23. That’s one fat cat

24. The right one paints with pizza.

25. Looks the same to me!

It’s equally charming to see children and adults alike throw themselves into some of the more complex compositions. And the best part is that anyone can do it, no painting skills necessary.

With just a bit of creativity and imagination, it’s incredible to see just how much we can engage with history, and have fun in the process.

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