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They Were Separated During The War. After Forty Years, They Found Each Other And THIS Happened!





We all hope for prosperity and discipline in the world. Depending on the country we are from, governmental rules are present to guide us to that path. But sadly, some leadership styles go beyond discipline and sometimes impose very strict policies that break families apart and even kill citizens. Examples of these authoritarian governments include communism and dictatorship.

From 1975-1979, Cambodia was forced under Pol Pot’s vicious communist regime. This period was said to have been a witness to extensive forced labor, torture and deaths of more than one million people in that country. One particularly harsh legal action in the said era was separating families.

At present, a show called, “It’s Not A Dream,” aims to give hope to families as they attempt to reunite family members after nearly 40 years of separation due to the said communist law. In one of the episodes, Lisa was invited to the show. She has been looking for her younger sister, Bo all her life. When the two finally met, tears kept flowing in the studio. Little did they know that the best surprise is yet to come.

Watch the very touching video here:

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Credits: Docson4 via SF Globe

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