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Photographer Botches Family Portrait In An Unbelievably Hilarious Photoshop Fail





Pam and Dave Zaring only wanted to have a decent, if not perfect, family portrait last year. However, what they got when they hired a “professional photographer” from Missouri was a series of photos that quickly went viral on social media for the funniest reason.

When doing post-photo editing, it’s either you do it just right to produce a beautiful photo or you overdo it and ruin the whole thing. For the Zaring’s, the latter happened when they paid Lesa Hall to take their pictures in May 2017.

What would you do if your family portrait came out looking like this?

Source: Lesa Hall

Pam, in a Facebook post on Friday, shared the final prints she got from Hall after a family portrait session from last year. Pam assures the public that her post is legit and not made-up.

Here’s a photo of Pam and Dave and their sons.

And here they are with their “LEGO-fied” versions.

Source: Lesa Hall

“Ok. This is NOT a joke. We paid a photographer, who claimed to be a professional, $2-250 for a family photo shoot. Please see these FOR REAL photos she delivered to us.”

What excuse could a “pro photographer” have for these awful shots?

Source: Lesa Hall
According to Hall, “the shadows were really bad on the beautiful, clear, sunny day.”

Source: Lesa Hall
She also explained she didn’t receive any retouching lessons from her professor.

Source: Lesa Hall
The kids thought their parents were joking. Apparently, not.

Source: Lesa Hall

Naturally, anyone would be furious if they’d waited for a year for their photos and still end up with these unbelievably dreadful results. But not Pam – she had a positive attitude towards the whole thing and even thought it was totally funny.

“I literally have not laughed this hard in YEARS,” Pam wrote.

Pam reiterated that she didn’t make the whole thing up and it wasn’t a joke. Pam had asked Hall for the original pictures but didn’t need a refund.

How would you react if you were in the Zarings’ shoes? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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