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Family Stops Eating Food Treated With Pesticides For 2 Weeks And The Result Is REMARKABLE.





We are used to consuming conventional food that are mostly grown and treated with pesticides. What we are not aware though is how it can be harmful to us especially when combined with other chemicals found in different foods.

A Swedish family doesn’t eat organic food as it costs more than conventional food, which is not ideal for big families. However, after their urine samples were taken, they found out that a number of pesticides are inside their bodies.

They then tried to get rid of all their conventionally produced foods at home and kept an organic diet instead for a period of two weeks. Afterwards, another round of urine samples were taken from them and the result was quite remarkable. The study was conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL. In effect, the family decided to eat everything organic from now on.

The Organic Effect is presented by a Swedish supermarket chains named Coop, which supports organic farming and promotes it to consumers and sellers. Health is wealth after all, and the only way to staying healthy is living and eating healthy.

Watch the informative video below:

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Credits: CoopSverige

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