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This Couple Wanted To Have Good Workout. But Look Who Came To Join In The Fun!





With the kids running around and shouting for their endless needs, it is understandable for parents to shrug off any workout plans in their busy schedules. After working all day, parents still need to feed their kids, give them a bath, put them to sleep, and the list goes on. They hardly even notice that the alarm clock is about to go off and a new day is just about to start again. That is how it is like to be parents, especially of really young children.

We agree that it is indeed impossible for them to exercise with all their duties, but this family sure proved us wrong. In this video we found, a mom and dad performed crunches together with their toddler and a pair of much younger twins. They looked so adorable! And whilst it seemed like a haywire, we can’t help but salute these parents for finding a way to incorporate physical activity in their daily routine and teach the importance of exercising to their kids in the process.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: itsMommysLife

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