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She Thought She Was Pregnant, But What the Doctors Found Instead was Heartbreaking!





42-year old Madalina Neagu thought she was pregnant. Her abdomen became swollen, which should be normal for a woman on her way to unloading a bundle of joy. But one day, she experienced intense pain in her stomach and had to be rushed to the hospital.

The doctors at Botosani County Hospital in Romania carried out emergency tests and were stunned to discover that her “baby bump” was actually a huge tumor, weighing an astounding 11 lbs.

Her “baby” turned out to be something else.


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“As the woman told us she was pregnant, we initially expected pregnancy complications,” according to Dr. Dorin Scladan. “In fact, the size of her belly was quite similar to that of a nine-month pregnant woman, so we didn’t have any reason to doubt what she told us.”

The doctors have never seen a tumor that big and in that location.


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He added that they don’t usually see tumors in that size and location. It’s now considered as the biggest tumor they’ve encountered in the region in the past 15 years.

Because of the discovery, the doctors had to perform a complicated surgery to remove the huge tumor from her abdomen. She was transferred to intensive care afterwards and doctors expected her to make a full recovery.

It took several hours to perform the surgery. This is definitely one of the biggest tumors ever.


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Let this serve as a warning to the ladies. Never assume anything and always get a check-up from the doc.

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