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This ‘Nurse’ Almost Kidnapped A Baby. Fortunately, The Visiting Grandmother Stopped Her!

Parents, beware!


Is this the new modus operandi of kidnappers? A young woman wearing a stolen nurse uniform recently attempted to kidnap a baby from a hospital’s maternity ward. Fortunately, the grandmother was able to thwart the attack.

The incident took place at a hospital in Suining City in Sichuan Province, China.

The kidnapper, who several news sources have called “Su,” managed to get the baby from the maternity ward and wheeled him in his bassinet. She was already headed for the exit but she came across the baby’s grandmother who got a bit suspicious about the “nurse.”

This grandmother successfully foiled a kidnap attempt on her grandchild.

baby-kidnapper-china 2

Photo credit: YouTube

The grandma began to ask the woman with a lot of questions but she failed to give a satisfactory response. The old woman then requested that the child be taken back to the nursery as she followed her on the elevator.

You can watch the video here:

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The security footage captures how the woman tried to push the baby out of the elevator, probably in an attempt to do a quick exit. Security personnel stopped the woman as she was fleeing the hospital.

Police authorities have taken the “nurse” into custody and her motives of kidnapping the infant are currently being investigated.

The suspect was able to walk around the hospital but none took notice of her.

baby-kidnapper-china 1

Photo credit: YouTube

Still, it’s quite alarming that an unscrupulous individual has done this terrible thing while wearing the uniform of a nurse. She was able to walk around the hospital in white but none of the staff members took notice of her.

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Kid Eats Skunk Spray-Flavored Jelly Bean! You Can Guess What Happens Next.

A boy thinks he can handle the challenge of biting into a jelly bean that tastes pretty awful…but nausea proves to be an unstoppable force.

Appealing to people's sense of adventure and willingness to look utterly bamboozled, Jelly Belly has come out with its Bean Boozled line. Inside a box of Jelly Belly Bean Boozled, there are several pairs of jelly beans that look alike. However they taste completely different — one tastes great and one tastes terrible.

For instance, two black jelly beans could could come in licorice and skunk spray flavors. It's up to you if you want to take a chance and bite into the jelly beans to see which is which.

Here are both the great and truly awful flavors you're bound to taste.


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Sick Video Shows Chinese Restaurant Cooks Laughing While Preparing Rats For Meals

Nothing’s safe in China anymore!

I have no words for this other than “disgusting”- because it really is! This shocking video uploaded by LeakEnt shows us some restaurant workers in China doing something nasty in the kitchen. As you’ve read on the title, yes, these restaurant workers are skinning and boiling live rats for cooking.

The video only lasts less than a minute but it confirms the reality of this unspeakably barbaric practice.

These restaurant workers dipped the rats in very hot water.

china-cooking-rats 2

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20 of the Most Unbelievable and Perilous Journeys Students Endure to Reach School

They climb mountains, swim across lakes, and glide on steel cables to get to school.

School---a word dreaded by some, and only fantasized by others. While some kids cut class or pretend to go to school for the sake of their allowances, millions of boys and girls around the world wish for nothing more than to sit on that empty chair and listen to their teachers.

In developing countries, not all children can finish elementary because most parents lack the financial capability to get them educated.

However, there are parents who go to great lengths to provide their children with a good education. And their kids---knowing that learning how to read and write is not a luxury for them--- are willing to make tremendous sacrifices as well. These boys and girls are aware that a major part of their ticket out of poverty lies in the knowledge and skills they can obtain within the four corners of an educational institution.

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