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Love Nature And Everything Fantasy-Related? Then This Fairytale Home Is Perfect For You!

It’s up for sale! Any takers?

Anyone who loves anything associated with fantasy will definitely find this Oregon home truly breathtaking. Located in Ashland, the Shining Hand Ranch will make you feel as if you’ve magically landed in fairy tale land.

The great thing about this gorgeous home is that it is now for sale. If gargoyle designs, flora and fauna designs and dragons pique your interest, then you would definitely love to check out this home for sale.

This 8,881 square-foot lovely structure was completed this year. It belongs on a 706-acre rural land that offers a stunning view of nature.


Source: Zillow
This is the kind of structure you see from the outside. The property is also located in a year-round temperate region.


Source: Zillow
Starting at the door, you already get that fairytale vibe. Wait till you get inside.


Source: Zillow
The entrance door is just impressively designed.


Source: Zillow
That is one magnificent staircase! The grandest I’ve seen, in fact, it’s even more majestic than some of the staircases found in mansions.


Source: Zillow
The granite floors resemble a sandy riverbed. On the walls are river rocks assembled into planters, in which preserved Manzanita trees are placed.


Source: Zillow
This spiral staircase leads to the next floor. Wait for it.


Source: Zillow
Welcome to the master suite. Go ahead, stare in awe.


Source: Zillow

The master suite is designed with a domed ceiling. In here, you get to see the gorgeous views of the valley.

Here’s the kitchen. It also gives you a great view of the outside while you’re busy prepping your meals.


Source: Zillow


Source: Zillow
You get great views everywhere, even from the bathroom.


Source: Zillow
I could stay in that bathtub forever. Perfect way to relax, yes?


Source: Zillow

The entire house only has two bedrooms and a total of five bathrooms. Five bathrooms? With that kind of design you see in the bathroom, it would be enough if you’d transform it into your own room.

You can warm up inside or cool down the interior environment all thanks to geothermal energy. So neat, isn’t it? Any takers?

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17 Gross Kitchen Habits You Might Be Unconsciously Doing

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Tidy individuals have shiny, clean kitchens no matter how busy they might be throughout the day. How difficult is it to place the dishes in the dishwasher, right? Aside from the fact that you wouldn't want a stinky place to live in, you sure as hell don't want to get sick because you let the potatoes rot in the corner.

If you're unconsciously doing any of these unhygienic, gross kitchen habits, it's high time that you stop doing them for your own good:

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7 Tips On Removing Red Wine Stains

Red wine is great as a drink, but when it stains your carpet or your favorite blouse, it’s the most difficult stain to remove.

So you're having expensive red wine with your friends and having an awesome good time. But the moment that wine spills on your favorite white blouse or on the carpet, we're pretty sure, you won't be smiling anymore. Removing red wine stains is quite a challenge but the consensus is that blotting is better than rubbing it off.

There really isn't any foolproof way to remove the whole damn stain off in an instant, but after several tries and empty bottles of red wine, we found the best seven methods of stain removal.



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About 45% of adults snore and it is a nuisance not just to your partner, but also for your health. Snoring decreases the quality of your sleep and is a potential risk for heart disease.

Snoring results when the air is unable to move freely between the nose and throat. Apart from seeking medical help to stop your snoring habit, you can also implement some of these remedies at home before you go to sleep tonight:

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