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Face Transplant Patient With Depression Shares Remarkable Recovery Story





The story of Cameron Underwood might sound like a tale from a fictional book but it actually happened in real life. The young man tried to take his own life two years ago. However, he survived although most of his face was blown away. Now, after a successful face transplant, Cam is ready to share his amazing recovery story.

Cam’s remarkable journey started when he suffered from depression two years ago. The troubled young man tried to take his own life in an effort to end his suffering. Miraculously, Cam survived the blast that was supposed to end his life. Unfortunately, the incident also damaged his entire face, leaving only his forehead, eyeballs, and tongue intact.

Cam and surgeon Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez before the grueling 25-hour operation.

The incident left Cam scarred on the inside as well. He was unable to eat solid food and was ashamed of his appearance. However, things changed when he underwent multiple operations for a stunning face transplant. Since then, Cam’s life has changed for the better.

“I have a nose and a mouth again, so I’m able to smile, speak, and eat solid foods. I also don’t get as many stares or questions from strangers. Even though I’m still recovering and gaining back some sensation and mobility, I’m so happy with the results.

“I’ve been able to get back to many of the activities I love, like being outdoors, playing sports, and spending time with my family. I hope to get back to work soon, too, and someday start a family.”

Will Fisher, Cam’s donor.

Source: Sky News

Cam’s new face comes from a donor named Will Fisher, who battled mental illness. Needless to say, Cam is truly grateful that Will’s face has given him a new lease in life.

“Will and his family made an incredible sacrifice to give back to me what had been lost. I will never forget that. I’m also eternally grateful to Dr. Rodriguez and his face transplant team.

“I want Sally and her family to know how much my family and I appreciate their gift and that I will always honor Will’s legacy.”

Learn more about Cam’s remarkable story below:

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