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It’s Official: Lego Sets Are Better Investment Than Gold

With their massive price jumps, these playsets will either make or cost you a fortune.

Mark Andrew





Most of us probably see Lego sets merely as toys. Besides, we all grew up playing with them. We love Lego since we can create wonderful stuff out of them plus we’re all familiar with the excruciating pain that comes whenever we accidentally step on these tiny Danish building blocks.

It is interesting to note, however, that since the year 2000, their prices have significantly gone up to the point that financial experts consider them as “wiser investment than gold.”

Some Lego sets have dramatically increased in cost compared with their original tag price when they were initially released.

Scroll down and you’ll be shocked with the current market price of these Legos:

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20 Celebrities and Their Children Who Look Exactly the Same

Kids who look exactly like their famous parents!

Kris Evangelista



Have you ever experienced looking at your parents and seeing yourself from them, physically? It’s like looking a mirror and seeing your reflection of a more mature you?

Many children have resemblance with their parents, but sometimes there are kids who look exactly the same like their parents “younger version of their mother or father”. Many parents like their kids to look like them and they feel pleased when they see them similar to how they look.

Check out the celebrities who look exactly the same as their children, these kids are lucky to have good genes!

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10 Things You Need To Know About 2016: Lucky Colors, Charms, Numbers And Whole Lot More

Here’s everything you need to know about the year of the Red Fire Monkey!

Inah Garcia



As the curtains of 2015 close, we can't help but look back and reflect about the things that happened. We may have experienced pain, joy, sadness, excitement and thrill as we go through different life events, but no matter how 2015 turned out, one thing is certain, we definitely want a brighter and better 2016!

Every time the year comes to a close, people are curious (and entertained) to know what the lucky colors, numbers and dates are for the upcoming year. We hear you, so in this article, we summarize everything you need to know about 2016 -- the year of the Red Fire Monkey.

#1. The Year of the Red Fire Monkey actually starts on February 8, 2016.


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Global Beauty Pageant Circuit Crowns Philippines as Country of the Year in 2015

Beauty queens from the Philippines get praised for their innate grace, sweet demeanor, and regal looks, which often showcase their multicultural background.

Faye Williams



Global Beauties — a website dedicated to beauty pageants all over the world — has tagged the Philippines as the overall winner for 2015. The country's beauty queens have snagged prominent spots on the international stage.

Beauty queens from the Philippines get praised for their innate grace, sweet demeanor, and regal looks, which often showcase their multicultural background. Most of all, they have warm, heartfelt smiles that could light up stadiums. Filipinos, of course, are only too happy to give their support to these beauties.


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