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Every Parent’s Nightmare: Toddler Walks on Window Ledge of High-Rise Building!





It’s an exciting time for parents when their toddler begins to discover his or her surroundings. However, this happy period also means that parents have to keep their eye on their child at all times. In fact, some parents joke that they want to have eyes on the back of their head.

Naturally, parents to want to keep their kids safe at all times. Then again, they are only human and keeping up with an energetic toddler could wear them out. Any parent will tell you that it can be pretty exhausting to try to keep up with a child that age.

Curious toddlers face many dangers.

During times when only one parent or caregiver is taking care of the child, there will be moments when that person isn’t able to keep an eye on the kid. You have to remember that this person also has to do other things such as go to the bathroom or attend to some chores.

That’s probably what happened in the case of the toddler in India. The child lived in a high-rise apartment building. Each apartment had good-sized windows. Unfortunately, these windows didn’t have safety rails. Somebody happened to see a toddler climb out of the window and on to the ledge and managed to take a video of the horrifying scene.

Watch: The toddler’s antics are simply scary!

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Netizens had strong reactions to the video which eventually went viral. While the toddler escaped a horrible death, it’s still frightening to think of what would have happened. It’s just fortunate that an adult saw him in time and quickly grabbed him.

When it comes to kids’ safety, it’s better to be a little bit paranoid than complacent. Otherwise, you’d be dealing with terrible consequences.

How would you feel if this was your kid?

Remember: When you have a child at home, it’s best to child-proof everything. One of the first things that should be secured are doors and windows. Kids may not be aware of the dangers they could be exposed to so we as parents should be extremely cautious.

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