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‘Human Can Opener’ Opens Cans Using His Strong Teeth




  • Evanilson Gomes, 35, opens cans – and even bottles – with his strong teeth.
  • He has since been dubbed online as the ‘Human Can Opener.’

One man has been making waves on social media because of his unusual talent: he can open cans using his extra strong teeth. Now he has gained the moniker ‘Human Can Opener’ for obvious (and valid) reasons.

Meet Evanilson Gomes, 35 years old, who hails from Brockton, Massachusetts. His videos on TikTok has recently picked up as he gained some attention and a reputation for his strange can-opening skills.

You have to see it to believe it.

When he say, he opens cans with his teeth, we don’t mean him simply removing the tab of an easy-open can. We mean he uses his gnashers pretty much like a can opener. He manages to really rip it open!

There’s very little information available online about the man but digging at YouTube, we found out he has uploaded his first videos as early as 2014. So yes, he’s had years of practice leading to his new-found fame.

His story has since been covered by a lot of websites but at the moment, his YouTube following remains modest to say the least.

Should he already get in touch with Guinness and show them what he can do? Maybe he should give that a shot.

Go check out his video below:

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He can also open two cans at the same time…

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Plus he can even remove a crown from a bottle!

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One netizen wrote:

“How did he manage to dent holes and tear off the can’s lid in one swift move?”

Another commented:

“Those are some pretty strong teeth. Impressive for sure, but I definitely won’t be giving that a try.”

We couldn’t help but agree. None of us should be trying this stunt at home – or anywhere else, for that matter. Unless, of course, you’re cool about the idea of losing a tooth or two!