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Creative Team Designs Awesome Superhero Murals in Their Office Using 8,024 Post-its!





Tired of those boring, bland, and lifeless walls in your office? You are not alone, buddy.

Most of the average office spaces that people work in feature white or gray walls. If you’re having a particularly busy day, or inevitably, an annoyingly bad day, these lonely walls just add up to the dark mood. At some point in your life, you must have thought that a little color just won’t hurt.

Ben Brucker probably thought the same thing. Ben and his team work at a creative agency, which is kind of ironic because the walls of their office didn’t quite look creative. They decided to change this once and for all, so they came up with a brilliant idea for a wall decoration. They took the idea to their boss, who immediately approved their proposal and gave them a $300 budget.

What was their idea? Post-its. More than 8,000 pieces of colored post-its. Who knew these things can be used for this purpose?

How did they do it? Check the photos below to find out.

The boring walls of the creative agency where Ben’s team works.


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit
Behold, the post-its that are about to spice up the office walls.


Photo credit: bruck7/Redddit
Ben used a pixel grid to plan the murals.


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit
Once the superheroes have been decided, the team started working on the project.


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit
Say hello to Captain America, Ironman, and Wonderwoman.


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit
About 8,024 pieces of post-its were used for this project.


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit
My spider sense is tingling!


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit
Even little ones came to help.


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit
Voila! The walls have become alive!


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit
Creativity and teamwork, when combined, work wonders!


Photo credit: bruck7/Reddit

That’s one legit creative agency! Pretty awesome, right? Now I’m thinking about giving the walls in my room a drastic make-over!

H/T: Elite Daily

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