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Epic Fist Fight Between Man And Monkey Who Urinates On His Motorcycle





A video taken in Chachoengsao, Thailand shows a smackdown that could very well be a scene from a The Hangover Part II. In the movie, a group of guys head to Thailand for a wedding but they end up in all kinds of crazy situations — one of them involving devious chain-smoking Capuchin monkey.

Well, the Capuchin monkey in this video doesn’t smoke, but it causes one man considerable distress. In the video, we see a red motorcycle parked along the road that’s near a river. Then, a monkey appears on the scene and positions itself on the motorcycle.

The monkey takes over the motorcycle.

The monkey takes over the motorcycle.

The motorcycle owner’s companion — who is holding the camera — starts to laugh when the monkey urinated on the seat of the motorbike. Aghast, the motorcycle owner tries to drive away the monkey by yelling. However, the creature was undeterred as it proceeded to seemingly tinker with the vehicle.

That was when the motorcycle owner took of his shoe and then threw it at the monkey. The creature was hit by the shoe. Naturally, it got mad and scrambled towards the motorcycle owner to launch an attack.

There is no winner in this fight.

There is no winner in this fight.

The motorcycle owner and the monkey then engaged in an intense tussle near the river. The motorcycle owner throws a few punches at the monkey, who kept jumping at him. All the while, the motorcycle owner’s companion held the camera as he laughed like there was no tomorrow.

Now, what lesson can we get from this hostile man-versus-monkey encounter? Well, first, we see that there isn’t much difference between humans and animals. We both get curious. We both get mad when someone else is touching our things. We both get mad when someone throws a shoe at us.

Is this hilarious or horrifying?

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In this case, perhaps, the motorcycle owner could have found a less aggressive way to stop the monkey from messing with his motorcycle.

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