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Man Tries To Kill Spider With Lighter, Sets Gas Station On Fire





Here’s a little scenario: You are afraid of spiders and you suddenly spot one out of nowhere. Now you remember you’ve got a lighter in your pocket. Sounds like the perfect weapon to kill or at least scare your enemy off, right?

Well, probably not if you are at a gas station. Because, you know, things might go boom.

Still, the video below, caught on a surveillance camera, shows us that some arachnophobic people are willing to throw good old logic out of the damn window once they see the tiny creature.

This incident happened while a guy was filling up at a Mobil gas station in Center Line, Michigan when he saw a spider crawling near his tank. To his credit, he was brave enough to give it a closer look but then, he got a bit stupid when he reached for his pocket and started using a lighter against the critter.

This guy burned the gas pump and his vehicle while trying to kill a spider.


Photo credit: NationalNewsChannel

When she was asked about what happened, employee Susan Adams said:

“He didn’t have a cigarette. He didn’t have anything on him. All of a sudden I look out and I see flames.”

It’s funny but scary to watch at the same time. Things could’ve gotten worse with that fire since he was on a gas station.

Here’s a video report about it:

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Fortunately, no one was harmed because of the fire. Our spider guy successfully put out the fire as he grabbed a fire extinguisher. As for his car, well it wasn’t badly damaged, too. And yep, we don’t have to worry about the gas station since they’ve got insurance coverage for this accident as well.

The next day, the guy was again at the station for another refill, hopefully with greater amount of common sense in tow.


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