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Owner Installs a Cat Door. What His Cat Did Next Surprised Him!





A cat door, also referred to as a pet door, serves as the entrance and exit of a pet into his owner’s house without needing a person to open the door. It can be installed in a wall, window or human door.

It is also very convenient and offers a degree of protection against nature’s elements and other big intruders. This door is quite essential for pet owners who have cats and dogs who love to wander around their homes, and that is why a guy from the U.S. installed a pet door for his Siamese cat.

However, after the cat door was installed, Philo’s owner became stunned with what Philo did.

He said:

“Yesterday, I spent an hour and half installing a new cat door so Philo the Cat could come and go as he pleases. This is his reaction.”

So, how did his clever Siamese cat react?

Watch this video:

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Bravo, Philo! Bravo!

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