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Woman Bakes Heart-Shaped Macarons, They Ended Up Looking Like Something Else

“I tried to make hearts and they turned out like ballsacks.”

  • Baker Emma Plummer tried making pink heart-shaped macarons.
  • The experiment led to an epic fail and her post eventually went viral on Twitter.

Emma Plummer is a good baker. One quick glance at her Butter and Whisk account on Instagram will easily confirm that. She’s actually pretty good at what she does!

But alas, as they say, nobody is perfect. And as we can see from Emma’s experience, sometimes even the great ones can fail – in the most hilarious fashion.

Baker Emma Plummer of Tucson, Arizona wanted to make heart-shaped macarons for February 14, but…

In a viral social media post, we learn that Emma has been preparing for Valentines and so she tried baking heart-shaped macarons for the special occasion.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end up looking the way she wanted it to be.

The result, as you can see here, is somewhat strange and hilarious. And Emma recognized that as well.

She wrote on her photo caption:

The funny post eventually went viral online and netizens everywhere couldn’t help but laugh about it. Some cheeky commenters even suggested that the macarons would be perfect for the “pride march” or “testicular cancer awareness month”.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, the 23-year-old, self-taught baker shared that while she was following a template, she mostly didn’t have any idea what she was doing the entire time.

So imagine her reaction when the pink hearts turned out looking more flesh-like by the end of the process.

Emma said:

“I laughed hysterically and I sent them to our family group chat and everybody was dying over them.”

Eventually, all the online attention even led to increased interest to her baked products. And some specifically want to buy the ‘Sackarons,’ as they dubbed it.

“Market it to bachelorette parties,” someone suggested, “and you’ll be set for life.”

Well that’s a ballsy idea we totally dig it!


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