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This Guy Wanted A Position In Snapchat So Badly. His Creative Resume Will Blow You Away!





Elski Felson wanted the position of a Community Support Specialist in the cool photo messaging app company Snapchat so badly that he decided to turn his resume into a funny Snapchat story.

Believing that a piece of paper can’t sum up an individual, the job applicant created a hilarious Snapchat story that detailed his credentials.

Felson literally demonstrated each of the qualifications Snapchat wrote in its job listing including “multi-tasking rock star”, “strong writer” as well as his “strong presentation skills” in just over three minutes.

It looks like his cool video has not only gained the interest of the people of Snapchat. In fact, Felson’s Snapchat resume has taken the internet by storm with over 600,000 views on YouTube. We’re definitely hoping this guy will be considered for the position.

Check out Felson’s hilarious Snapchat resume.

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So did he get the job? Currently, Felson is yet to hear from Snapchat. But there’s certainly no denying that his novel idea is one for the books!

Source: Elite Daily

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