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Watch How This Lonely Father Made His Children Come Home For Christmas





Christmas is almost here again, our parents living miles away from us might have sent the regular Christmas dinner invite. But we have work to do, or places to go to, children to take care of, or people to be with, that we just can’t indulge their invitation this year.

Well in this heartbreaking video, it is the very same scenario with this family. The old father has received notices from his children that they couldn’t come home for Christmas. But one sad news is all it takes for them to come home…

The move was sly, but it certainly worked!


Photo credit: Youtube: Screengrab from video

Watch the video below, and be ready to wipe away some tears!

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The video is apparently an advertisement campaign of German supermarket chain Edeka. It has gone viral after its release perhaps because a lot of families can totally relate to the story depicted here. Even if the story in the video ended in a happy and lighthearted way, we must not forget the very possible reality of having our loved ones passing on while we were too busy with work or living our lives. And by then it will be too late…

When was the last time we were able to come home to our aging parents? When was the last time we were able to tell them we love them? Well let’s not let those last moments truly become our last memory and interaction with them. Come home for Christmas, tell them “I love you”, take care of them, make them happy.

No matter how busy you are, this Christmas remember this:


Photo credit: Youtube (screengrab from video)

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