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This Innovative Desktop Aquarium Cleans Itself And Requires No Filter Or Water Changes





A common misconception among many is the belief that having fish as pets require very little work. Of course, fish owners would be the first to disagree with that mainly because they know how time-consuming it is to clean aquariums.

Just imagine – you’d have to clean the sides of the fish tank with an algae tank, change the water at least once a week, siphon the old water, use a gravel vacuum to get rid of fish poop, excess food, and other debris stuck in the gravel. And did we mention that you also have to clean the aquarium decorations and change the filters on a regular basis?

So yes, you get the idea. It does entail a lot of work – unless you own an EcoQube C Aquarium.

What exactly is an EcoQube C Aquarium?

Well this unique desktop aquarium removes all of the hassle that comes with fish tank maintenance. Its aquaponics filter technology works like a miniaturized ecosystem.

Source: Kickstarter

All you will need is some plants (like basil or mint, for example) to keep the tank clean. You will never need to change its filter or water ever again!

Dubbed as the “most popular aquarium” on Kickstarter, the first EcoQube was launched in November 2013 and it managed to raise over 200% of their campaign goal. Now the team behind the awesome aquarium is back with some improvements which is now the EcoQube C.

It’s a miniaturized ecosystem.

This new version uses 50% less energy and 90% less water than other similar aquariums.

Plus you get to save up to $250 a year on filter expenses.

Source: Kickstarter

As the makers explained:

“The new beautifully integrated design is durable, portable, and compact. We’ve made it more affordable while maintaining the high quality product build. It’s now even easier to maintain with less parts and automatic functionality, AND it’s manufactured in the USA.”

Watch the video here and see how it works:

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Super cool, don’t you think? Now aquarium maintenance will never be a hassle again. In case you want to own one, you can buy it here.

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