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5 Easy Ways To Get Children To Eat Vegetables





Vegetables are undoubtedly some of the healthiest food that nature can provide. However, parents always seem to have a hard time getting their children to take a bite of greens during meals. It’s an ongoing struggle for most families but getting your kids to eat their veggies can be surprisingly easy.

It is important to remember that children will refuse to eat something if they don’t see their parents doing the same thing. After all, vegetables are not just for kids. Always set the example and show them that veggies should be part of their daily diet. In the meantime, here are easy ways to convince your kids to eat vegetables.

1. Cut those vegetables into fun shapes

Veggies certainly look more appetizing when they are cut into stars, moons, hearts, and butterflies. Use a cookie cutter to create new designs for every meal. It would also be a fun way to let your toddler and younger children learn about different shapes.

2. Add some color to your dish

Fresh vegetables are already colorful but an attractive assortment of bright colors could make a toddler reconsider pushing their plate away. Mix red and yellow peppers with broccoli and carrots for a yummy plate that simply screams, “Eat me!”

3. Disguise your vegetables so they look like other food

You can make veggie burgers out of chickpeas, black beans, or quinoa. Create a healthy alternative to french fries by using sweet potatoes. The possibilities for your child’s favorite new food are endless.

4. Turn them into a refreshing smoothie or shake

Children certainly love smoothies. Carrots and celery go surprisingly well in an apple smoothie. You can always experiment by combining different fruits and vegetables together.

5. Reward them with a treat whenever they finish their vegetables

Some children are willing to eat just about anything as long as there is a reward. Promise to give them ice cream or other sweet desserts when they present you with an empty plate. Soon, they will get used to eating their veggies.

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