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Dying Girl Proposed to Her Boyfriend For One Last Shot at Happiness.





Most women dream of experiencing a grand or romantic wedding proposal from the man of their dreams, and to finally walk down the aisle looking like a princess in a beautiful, white gown that would make all the guests gasp in awe. As she walks toward her one true love, she imagines how life would be like after the wedding.

Fast forward to the day when she holds their first born in her arms while her husband sheds tears of joy as he cuddles them both.

Katie Kirkpatrick, Lapeer East’s homecoming queen and valedictorian, must have wanted that too.


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When Katie found out that she had a tumor in her brain, she later underwent surgery to have it removed. However, the cancer relapsed and metastasized to her lungs. She must have known that she was losing the battle so she took one last shot at happiness… she proposed to her boyfriend, Nick Godwin.

When the much awaited day came, Katie looked stunning in her long, beautiful, white gown.


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Nick, a deputy at Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department, knew that Katie’s prognosis wasn’t good, but that didn’t stop him from saying “yes”.  He knew in  his heart that he wanted to marry her and that he truly loved her since the very first day they met. So, they planned the wedding.

But the day before they took their vows, Katie, instead of enjoying  her last day as a bachelorette, spent the day in bed. She had to be administered with morphine and other medications because she was in so much pain. But still, her love for him gave her the strength and the courage to fight. She paid close attention to every detail for their wedding to try and make everything perfect.

She regularly fit the gown because she was constantly losing weight.


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She also couldn’t breathe on her own so she had to drag a portable oxygen tank as she walked down the aisle and wear a nasal cannula all throughout the ceremony.


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In the beautiful yet tragic video, you’ll see how Katie struggled, but you’ll also see how happy she was with Nick.

Katie died five days after their wedding. And although she wasn’t able to see and experience a full life together with her beloved, she was happy knowing that Nick truly loved her.

Watch the heart-wrenching video:

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