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Dumb Thieves Mistakenly Sucked A Sewage Instead of Fuel Tank

Holy crap!


This will surely make you do an epic face palm. Or at least make you puke. A bunch of stupid thieves had bad karma when they were trying to steal from a bus. They thought they were sucking fuel from a bus’ petrol tank but unfortunately, it was entirely something else.

This recently happened in Laverton, Western Australia and the culprits pried off the cap believing they can siphon fuel out of the parked bus and make money. Instead, they got some really crappy result.

Stupid thieves thought they were sucking fuel out of a bus. It was something else.

thieves siphon 1

Source: Unilad

In an interview with Yahoo, Laverton Police Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar said these words:

“We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

Naturally, the police had “absolutely zero interest” in recovering the stolen goods.

The news bit immediately spread in Laverton both online and offline.

thieves siphon

Source: Unilad

The internet, on the other hand, has been having a field day celebrating the misaventure of the crooks.

Facebook user Robert Lambert commented on the story saying:

“That just made my day, so funny…talk about Karma!”

I sincerely hope these guys already learned their lesson for good. I hope they lost their appetite for crime after that stinky mix-up. It would be a shame if they still did not “clean up” their act after this incident. Pun intended!


In Japan, There’s Such a Thing as a Noodle Bath

Feel the broth on your skin!

If you love baths and you've tried everything, from scented aromatherapy baths to lavish milk baths, why not try bathing in noodles and pork broth? Yep, you read that right. Noodles and pork broth!

At the Yunessun Spa House in Hakone, Japan, there exists such a service in which customers can take a dip in a tub filled with hot broth and noodles. The spa actually used real noodles at first, but when the local health department banned edible noodles due to obvious concerns, the spa resorted to using synthethic noodles instead. The pork broth, as far as we know, is real.

Feel the broth on your skin...

Feel the broth on your skin...

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Hikers Run For Their Lives After Trickles Of Stones Become A Massive Landslide

The mountaineers narrowly escaped death.

It started as a trickle of stones but it quickly turned into a huge, terrifying landslide that could have badly injured or killed a group of hikers who were incidentally trekking the Andes Mountains that time.

Julian Insarralde, one of the guides, captured the shocking incident that occurred on the border of Argentina and Chile and released the footage online.

In the video, you’ll see members of the mountain trekking team assist the backpackers one by one, as they leap over a three-foot torrent of rocks.

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Guy Sleeping at a Dairy Farm Receives the Most Disgusting Prank from His Colleagues

This will make you think twice about sleeping at work.

You've probably had friends or colleagues play a prank on you while you're trying to sneak some snooze time at the workplace. Maybe they tried to place a paper clip in your openly snoring mouth or maybe they took a picture of your I-look-drugged-and-out appearance and posted the image on Facebook for the entire office to see.

Whatever it is that they did to you, we're pretty sure it's not as bad as what this poor fella got when he fell asleep on the job.

While he was slumped on the chair taking a nap at the dairy farm, his colleagues placed the very cooperative cow behind him and positioned the creature's arse right above his head. You can probably guess what happened next...

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