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16 Dumb People Who Are Absolutely Doing It Wrong





We all know an epic fail when we spot one and so it usually doesn’t take too long for us to react to it. Most of the time, our immediate reaction is to whip our phones out and to take a photo so we can spread the laughter with our social media buddies.

In some cases, those photos go viral on the internet and so the fun gets spread across the globe. And when the images get compiled with other similar pictures, the laughter just multiplies and intensifies, making the world a better place at least for a few minutes for all of us.

So allow us to show you this Diply compilation of funny ‘epic fail’ photos of dumb people who are caught doing the wrong things in life.

1. This woman is totally doing it all wrong.

Source: Reddit
2. Well he probably wanted to have a more realistic biking experience.

Source: thechive
3. Why the warning? Was someone really stupid enough to have done it?

Source: Reddit
4. Got the whole house wired up but I realized I just ruined Christmas!

Source: Reddit
5. That moment when you realize you used the wrong tool for the job.

Source: Reddit
6. This boy will be upset once he finds out that doesn’t taste like ice cream at all – and that he’s actually stuck!

Source: Reddit
7. When the company gives you a standing desk but you still feel like sitting down.

Source: Reddit
8. Him: “I think I made a huge mistake.”

Source: Reddit
9. Pretty sure he is using it wrong.

Source: Reddit
10. Who the hell made this? So cruel!

Source: bigeyeguy
11. So, this is my life now

Source: Imgur
12. Honestly, I have no idea where to begin.

13. I’m sure selfie sticks aren’t supposed to be used that way, dude.

Source: Reddit
14. Meanwhile in India, this woman only trusts Google Maps.

15. Bikini fails!

Source: craveonline
16. Sometimes you are just born in the wrong body.

Source: Reddit
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