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Drunk Man In Zoo Jumps Into Lion’s Enclosure to Declare Love for the Lioness

It must really be difficult to be single and loveless in this day and age…


People do crazy things when they’ve had too much to drink. Some become extremely loud, others do dangerous stuff or become extremely amorous.

A man from Rajasthan, India did all three when he got plastered in the middle of the day and began thinking of himself as another species. Thirty-five-year-old Mukesh, a laborer at the Hyderabad L&T Metro Rail, had one too many when he jumped into the lion’s enclosure at the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad.

…where he tried to court the resident lioness!

lion 2

Drunk out of his mind, Mukesh ignored warnings from the zoo’s security staff and hurdled the African lion barricade at the zoo.

Once there, he began a ruckus that caught the resident lioness, Radhika’s attention. Mukesh started calling out to her, trying to touch her paw and shake her hand.

“Please come to me, my darling, please…” he pleaded, wading into the pond inside the enclosure while the lioness slowly approached him.

The other visitors started yelling for zoo officials to come and rescue Mukesh, who didn’t appear to understand the danger he was in.

In the wild, it is the lioness who hunts for the pride, and Radhika may have thought the prey had readily come to her.

Fortunately, the lions’ keeper R. Papaiah distracted the lioness’ attention until Mukesh could be rescued and dragged away from the enclosure…and certain death.

Mukesh came away unharmed following his dangerously drunken stunt, but was regrettably rejected by his object of affection. Police arrested him for trespassing under the Indian Penal Code.

The lovelorn laborer.

lion 1

Source: ANI photo

There was some confusion, however, over what charges to press for his attempting to cross the species divide by wooing the lioness.

Maybe next time he should stick to Tinder.

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Baby Boy Born With His Brain Outside His Skull Stuns Doctors By Continuing to Thrive

He wasn’t even expected to live an hour past birth…

There are times medical science has no answer for what happens outside the realm of possibility. Miracles do happen, and when they do, they can shock the socks off doctors who say otherwise.

This kind of miracle occurred with the birth of Bentley Yoder, a baby boy who, by all rights shouldn't be alive today.

Bentley was born with his brain outside his skull.

brain 6

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‘Iranian Hulk’ Achieves Social Media Fame With His Massive Muscles And Body Size

You probably wouldn’t like this guy when he’s angry.

A weightlifter from Iran has recently been getting a lot of social media attention because of his awesome body size.

Sajad Gharibi, 24 years old, has been dubbed by many as the “Iranian Hulk” because of his impressive physical features. According to reports, the guy weighs almost 24 and a half stone and most of it is muscle. Since various websites have picked up on his story, his followers on Instagram have already reached more than 87,000.

24-year-old Sajad Gharibi, a weightlifter from Iran, is known to many as the 'Iranian Hulk.'

sajad gharibi iranian hulk (1)

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Black Guy Gets Pulled Over Because Cop Doesn’t Believe He Owns Property In The Area

Talk about blatant racial profiling.

This video has been making rounds on social media lately and for good reasons. This proves that some cops out there are plain douchebags.

In the footage below, you will see two unnamed black young men in Randolph County, North Carolina who were simply out looking at MLS listing comparing a property they own with other homes in the neighborhood. Suddenly, a cop decided to pull them over, asking what they were doing in the area.

You will see one of the guys trying to explain that he was actually trying to sell his home and was just trying to compare prices with other properties in the place. The cop, however, refused to believe him and continued questioning him.

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