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Photographer Uses Drone To Film The World’s Largest Lava Lake Inside An Active Volcano

They climbed an active volcano and captured fiery and scorching hot caldera in one amazing video.

Mountain climbing has become a fast-rising hobby for many people nowadays. If you ask them, they would go on and boast about how wonderful it is to reach the top, saying the view is all worth it.

If mountain climbing already sounds extreme to you, then we don’t know how you would describe this group of guys who climbed an active volcano, which has the fierciest view of all: the largest lava lake in the world.

Adventurer/photographer Bradley Ambrose and colleagues climbed Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The most fantastic of all is he was able to capture raw images of the lava lake through his drone.

To say that the images are amazing would be an understatement.

The adventurers climbed some 12,000 feet to reach the top of the volcano. Since he and his colleagues have climbed different volcanoes all around the world, he said he was not that nervous. However, he cannot hide the fact there had to be extra precautionary measures since Nyirangogo is active and contains the largest boiling pot in the world.

When Ambrose reached the top, he flew his drone just above their campsite. He have heard of stories wherein some people lost their drone cameras when they flew it directly above the caldera. He does not want to lose his so he did not take the risk.

Nonetheless, he is satisfied with the photos he took.

“I’m really glad I was able to get these pictures,” he said.

Here is the video:

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Despite the success of the adventure, we must not forget how climbing up an active volcano is extremely dangerous. Volcanologists say Mount Nyiragongo can explode anytime. Plus, even with the absence of eruption, an active volcano can still cause fatal hazards. Just the mere emission of carbon dioxide fumes can leave humans dead.

During the last major eruption of Mount Nyirangogo, 147 people died because the lava flowed in the near city of Goma up until the shores of Lake Kivu. In the said event, about 12,000 to 15,000 houses were destroyed.

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Credit: Bradley Ambrose,  Tech Times


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