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Doctor Moves Into a Tent in Own Garage to Protect Family While Treating COVID-19 Patients




  • A young doctor has revealed the best way he could continue to help coronavirus patients while also keeping his family safe.
  • The California-based doctor decided to move out of his home and live in a tent in his own garage.
  • The set-up allows the doctor to avoid possibly infecting his own family as he continues to treat patients at the hospital.

We all want to do the best we can in order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Amazingly, one doctor has found a way to continue helping patients while also protecting his family. The young doctor has decided to camp out in a tent in his own garage so he could keep his distance from his wife and kids. Now he is reminding others to take the proper safety precautions as well.

Dr. Timmy Cheng is a doctor based in California who decided to share his COVID-19 story with the world. Dr. Cheng posted some photos of his current situation on Facebook to spread awareness on how medical professionals are currently living due to the pandemic.

The young doctor is making a huge sacrifice so he can continue treating patients without endangering his family.

Dr. Cheng revealed that he is “a pulmonary and critical care specialist treating COVID-19” and that March 14th was a big day for him as he “voluntarily became homeless” in order to protect his family from possible infection. According to him, he spent a night in his car and 4 nights in their hospital’s call room.

Dr. Cheng currently lives outside his own home in an effort to keep his family safe.

The young doctor credited his wife for giving him the idea that he should camp out in a tent in their garage. Sadly, Dr. Cheng also pointed out that it is still unclear how long he would have to be separated from his family to continue treating COVID-19 patient.

On the other hand, he had some advice for people so they can help him return home sooner.

“You can help me and other healthcare workers become un-homeless by STAYING HOME. JUST DO IT. Nobody is too cool to stay home. Nobody is too healthy to get sick. STAY HOME and help stop the spread of this virus. Countless doctors, nurses, and other health care workers are working hard to save YOUR LIFE. The least you could do is stay home so that we, too, can go home to our loved ones one day,” he wrote.

Dr. Cheng works at UCI Medical Center in Irvine as a pulmonary and critical care specialist.

I am a pulmonary and critical care specialist treating COVID-19. 3/14/2020 was a big day. 3/14/2020 is the day I…

Posted by Timmy Cheng on Sunday, March 22, 2020
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