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Why U.S. Is Bombing Syria: Trump Explains In 2 Sentences

We are living in turbulent times indeed…

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The United States recently launched nearly 60 Tomahawk missiles against a regime airbase in Syria. This marks the first intentional US attack since the year the war broke in Syria in 2011. Several days before this, Syria made headlines across the world after a chemical weapon attack that killed many civilians, including children, in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in the province of Idlib.

In an interview with reporters, U.S. President Donald Trump explained the reason behind America’s strike against Syria.

Two sentences, in particular, stood out from Trump’s statements.

In his own words, Trump said:

“Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched. It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread of chemical weapons.”

Trump’s explanation was even echoed by Pentagon spokesperson Captain Jeff Davis.

In an email to the press, Davis stated:

“The strike was intended to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again. The use of chemical weapons against innocent people will not be tolerated.”

So yes, America is bombing Syria not to end the civil war or to oppose the civilian killings.

Instead, the “targeted military strike” is, according to Trump himself, a direct response against the chemical attack. In other words, it is intended to warn Syrian President Bashar al-Assad about the use of chemical weapons.

Micah Zenko, a military intervention expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, posted a comment on Twitter saying:

“Trump’s statement makes it clear [that] US cruise missile strikes are for enhancing [the] international norm against chemical weapons use, not protecting Syrian civilians.”

Simply put, the United States may have never intervened if Syria killed people using explosives instead of chemicals.

This, of course, is a risky thing considering that the missile assault isn’t only against Syria but could directly kill Russian soldiers who are in the country. People are fearing that Trump’s attack may potentially spark further conflict.

Watch the ABC coverage here:

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Meanwhile, officials in the Trump administration urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to drop support on the Syrian government.

On ABC’s “This Week”, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said:

“I hope Russia is thinking carefully about its continued alliance with Bashar al-Assad, because every time one of these horrific attacks occurs, it draws Russia closer into some level of responsibility.”


Embarrassing Moment Thai ‘Ladyboys’ Forced To Stand in Line For Army Conscription

It has caused embarrassment and stress for many Thai Transgender women and caused outcry from LGBT communities.




In Thailand, transgender women (also often referred to as 'katoeys' or 'ladyboys' in the country) are made to attend military draft day even though they don't identify as men. Every year in April, about 100,000 men over 21 are required to attend a 'lottery' day where they must enlist in the military for two years. Even though transgender women can secure exemption documents, they still have to attend draft day to present the papers and prove they are ineligible to join the military.

After many years of deliberation, the Thai Administrative Court has ordered that a person's biological sex does not have to match their gender, so transgender draftees could be exempt from conscription. However, it must be noted that Thai law does not allow people to change their gender on their ID documents, so transgender women are still asked to attend draft day to show their ineligibility. The yearly event reportedly causes embarrassment and stress to the transgender women attendees.

Every year, transgender women in Thailand have to line up during military draft day.

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Feral ‘Mowgli Girl’ Abandoned In A Forest Was Found Living With Monkeys

This girl, believed to be 8 years old, was found in an Indian forest with monkeys.




A girl described to be feral has been found in a forest in India. The eight-year-old could not walk or talk properly. At the moment, she doesn’t seem to have a family who could identify her. What’s surprising is that when police officers found her in the forest in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Bahraich, she was accompanied by three monkeys.

When the officers found her, she reacted with a screech, which also prompted the monkeys to react. She was found to have wounds on her legs and elbow, according to Inspector Ram Avtar Singh. It is believed that her family abandoned her because her clothes are still not so dirty.

Currently, the girl is being treated at a hospital in Bahraich. According to her caregivers, the girl cannot understand the people talking to her. She was acting much like an animal who fears unfamiliar things around her. She would even have violent episodes as doctors continue with her treatment. The girl reportedly tried to escape from the hospital.

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China Bans Growth Of ‘Abnormal’ Facial Hair And Veils As An Anti-Extremist Measure

Bans against beards and veils had been irregularly implemented in the past.




Chinese officials are aiming to curb extremism and radicalization in the Muslim-dominated province Xinjiang, by imposing a ban on wearing veils in public as well as sporting “abnormal” facial hair. The move was partly prompted by the hundreds of deaths in the province over the past years because security forces had to confront Islamist militants and the unrest among the Muslim Uighur people.

Xinjiang is home to the traditionally Muslim group, the Uighurs. Many of these people have complained that they have been repressed religiously and culturally and have faced discrimination. The unrest in the area has become deadly and authorities got involved in controlling the situation.

Xinjiang, China has imposed a ban on the growth of abnormal facial hairs.

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