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Trump Announces He’s Running Again for 2020, Names Campaign Manager

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After sitting in office for over a year now, US President Donald Trump has officially confirmed that he will once again run for the same position come the 2020 election. Plus he has even named who his next campaign manager will be.

According to recent reports, President Trump has picked Brad Parscale as his campaign manager for the next election, who previously worked with his as his digital strategis in 2016.

Aiming for a second term.

Of course, Trump seeking re-election is no longer a surprise for observers who are probably aware that he has already filed the needed paperwork back on Inauguration Day. The announcement of Parscale has, so far, been seen by many as the biggest indication that, yes, the president is really serious about the idea of running again.

Parscale will be at the helm of Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Source: Bloomberg

Shortly after his appointment, Parscale picked two other individuals to work with him, one being Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law.

An Independent report tells us that Parscale first worked with the Trump Organization in 2011 when his Giles-Parscale company was hired to create websites for the real estate firm. He was then one of the first persons contacted by Trump soon after formally announcing he was running for the country’s top position.

In 2016, Parscale was Trump’s digital media strategist and even supervised the online fundraising efforts. When he was interviewed by 60 Minutes, Parscale pointed out that social media has indeed played a big role in securing the position for Trump. He said:

“I understood early that Facebook was how Donald Trump was going to win. Twitter was how he talked to the people, but Facebook was going to be how he won.

“I think Donald Trump won, but I think Facebook was the method. It was the highway in which his car drove on.”

Parscale made millions!

In a TIME article, we learned that “Giles-Parscale received more than $90 million in compensation” for the presidential campaign.

Furthermore, the firm “received more than $3.9 million in payments from the Trump campaign in 2017” plus Parscale Strategy, his data strategy company, likewise received about $1.6 million while Parscale himself got over $15,500 as part of the payroll.

Parscale had no experience with politics whatsoever prior to working for Trump.


Chinese-Made Condoms Are Too Small, Complains Zimbabwe’s Health Minister

Size definitely matters in Zimbabwe.

David Parirenyatwa, Zimbabwe's health minister, said that the contraceptives manufactured in China were too small for the African nation's male population. The country imports its condoms from Beijing Daxiang and His Friends Technology Co. in China.

“The southern African region has the highest incidence of HIV and we are promoting the use of condoms,” Parirenyatwa was quoted as saying during an event in Zimbabwe's capital Harare. The event was held for HIV/AIDS prevention awareness.

Men in Zimbabwe couldn't fit into condoms made in China.

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Amazing Speedy K-9 Unit Ends Police Pursuit After Taking Down Fleeing Suspect

Look at him fly!

A man who reportedly assaulted a police officer led authorities to go on a wild chase in California on Monday evening. The police pursuit started from Santa Ana to Irvine, where it ended badly for the suspect.

The suspect, later on, identified as Antonio Padilla, Jr., ditched a car he'd carjacked earlier to escape authorities. But what he didn't expect was that a really fast K-9 unit would take him down.

The wild chase ended when the carjacker ditched the vehicle and tried to escape police.

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UK Set To Ban Plastic Drinking Straws Across The Country

“For most of us, they’re just a convenience. For wildlife, they are killers,” said Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

The United Kingdom is taking a big step towards addressing pollution by banning plastic drinking straws across the country in the near future. According to Environment Secretary Michael Gove, this is being done to resolve serious environmental concerns.

In a report by the Marine Conservation Society, it is estimated that UK gets about 8.5 billion straws every year and these straws are among the top 10 waste items found during beach cleanups. Straws – which usually require over two centuries to disintegrate - are likewise hazardous to marine life since sea creatures mistake them for food.

Banning plastic straws is a good thing.

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