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Dogs Don’t Feel Guilty After Misbehaving, Expert Claims

Guilt is not behind those puppy eyes and apologetic behavior!

While it is believed that dogs feel a sense of guilt after doing something that falls in the bad graces of their owners, a dog expert has revealed that it is not exactly the case. So, if a dog appears to be apologetic after doing something it should not be doing, what emotion does it feel if not remorse?

Dog owners know too well that allowing their pets to stay inside the house can mean broken shoes, slippers, remote controls, or pillows. Although the so-called “pawrents” can easily forgive their pets once they display their irresistible “puppy eyes” and pair it with an act of bowing as if they were admitting their guilt and feeling sorry for it, a dog cognition scientist , Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, has revealed that dogs don’t feel regret at all for their misbehavior. Rather, once a dog owner raises his voice after a dog has done something that warrants some scolding, it is fear that the poor animal feels, not guilt.

Dogs actually feel fear, rather than guilt, when scolded by their owners.

“It seems unlikely that they have the same types of thinking about thinking that we do, because of their really different brains, but in most ways dogs’ brains are more similar to ours than dissimilar,” Dr. Horowitz revealed in an interview.

While dogs appear to be apologetic when they do something wrong, an expert claims that dogs are not actually capable of feeling guilty.

Those puppy eyes mean fear.

For Horowitz, there is no conclusive evidence that can prove that dogs, on the whole, reflect on their past actions in order to determine if they have done something unacceptable to their owners. However, the doctor’s statement is not conclusive as well as, after all, there have been no experiments that can validate whether dogs are capable of feeling guilty or not.

“There is some work showing that some animals are planning for the future and remember specific episodes in the past. With dogs, there’s not as much evidence yet. Which isn’t to say that they don’t, but it’s to say that it’s really hard to design experiments around it.”


Adorable Pit Bull Gently Rocks His Owner’s Baby To Sleep In Heartwarming Video

This pit will make a great babysitter!

Pit bulls have always been painted in a bad light. They're being labeled as "vicious" and "dangerous" among many things. But Junior is certainly one pit bull who wants to show the world that pit bulls can be the gentlest and most loyal dogs on Earth.

Junior doesn't want to just lie around without watching over his human baby brother. As he was sitting on the couch, he then gently placed his paw on the baby's bassinet and started rocking the little one to sleep very gently.

Junior made sure his human baby brother sleeps peacefully.


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Research Reveals Second-Born Children Are Likely to Become Troublemakers

Why is this so?

A study has validated the observation that second-born children in the family are more of troublemakers as compared to their other siblings. While this does not seem to be surprising for many, we all couldn't help but wonder: why is this the case in the first place?

It is, of course, a common observation that first-born children are more ambitious and motivated than their younger siblings. While it is believed that younger siblings are more easygoing, possibly because parents may have become a bit lax after having been extra-attentive on the first-born, a report released earlier has specifically confirmed that second-born children are more likely to get in trouble in school and, later in life, even with the law.

Entitled “Birth Order and Delinquency,” the study utilized data of violent crime and school suspensions for thousands of siblings in Denmark and Florida.


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Filipino Guy Invents Bicycle-Powered Washing Machine From Junk

Now you can workout and do laundry at the same time!

If we have to name the most common reason why some people do not exercise, it’s probably the fact that they have very busy schedules. After having a long day at the office and with chores to do at home, it seems squeezing gym time in may not be easy nor possible at all for some individuals.

In case you can relate to that type of scenario, you don’t have to be frustrated anymore. We’ve got some fantastic news for you - you can actually get some exercise done while doing your laundry!

Now you can workout and do laundry at the same time.


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