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Dog-Shaped Clouds Are Convincing People That Dogs Really Go to Heaven When They Die




  • People have been capturing photos of clouds that somehow look like dogs and the images eventually went viral online.
  • Apparently, some dog owners are convinced that their beloved pets also go to heaven when they die and become guardian angels.

Netizens from different parts of the world have been capturing and sharing photos of clouds that somehow resemble the form of a dog.

Such cloud images have left some people asking if dogs truly go to heaven when they die.

As some have pointed out, many of the dog-shaped photos show them as if they’re looking up toward the heavens.

A dog sitting on the clouds

Meanwhile, this viral photo of clouds on top of a setting sun had netizens awestruck because the formation looks like a sitting pup. It also sparked a discussion about how angels can transform into different creatures. 

Traditionally, when a relative or loved-one have passed away, some believe that they turn into angels. When a dog dies, however, others believe that they cross the “rainbow bridge” and becomes its owner’s guardian.

When dog-like clouds appear in the sky, some people are convinced that dog-angels are really watching over us.

There are also some people who claim that they saw these dog-clouds shortly after losing a loved one. 

As such, they are convinced that the clouds were somehow one way of letting them know that their deceased loved ones are doing okay up there.

The most intriguing and mysterious occurrence, of course, is that it seems no one has captured the same dog-shaped clouds twice.

As you can see, all dog-shaped clouds look unique and are often looking sideways with some illumination in its background.

With these images of our doggos in the clouds, it is so easy to believe that all dogs really do go to heaven when they leave us.

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