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This Dog Was Left Locked Inside the Car… He Was Pissed and Did THIS!





We’ve heard stories of irresponsible people leaving children and pets inside locked cars. We all know this is not a great idea – human and animals can suffer from heat stroke when left locked inside parked cars. Most of the time, those who were left locked inside are helpless to do anything about their situation and have no choice but to wait for their companions to unlock the doors.

Well, this dog ain’t one of these poor creatures. It was left waiting inside a parked car in Eureka, California. The dog became pissed about it and decided to take matters into his own hands…err paws. He went to the steering wheel and leaned on the horn. The noise attracted the people in the street and they went to the car to see what’s happening. THIS is what they saw…

Watch the video:

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That’s one very smart and aggressive pup right there. A man was so delighted to see the honking dog that he took a video through the car window. So cute!

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