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Amazing Stray Dog Helps Neighborhood Children Jump Rope

This talented pooch definitely knows how to have fun.


A video of a stray dog helping neighborhood children jump rope in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has captured the hearts of Internet users.

In the 20-second footage uploaded by user 24horas on Facebook, the dog which appears to be a Jack Russel lends its snout to hold the rope. A young girl on the other side and the dog control the skipping game as a boy jumps over the rope repeatedly.

This talented pooch certainly knows how to have fun!


Photo credit: Facebook/24horas

A resident named Ricardo Cavalcante told that the dog started hanging out with neighborhood kids since they introduced the game. According to Cavalcante, the dog belongs to everyone in the neighborhood and is fed by many.

Watch the adorable video below.

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Old Couple Refused to Sell their Land, so the Developers Did THIS!

This is a cheap, underhanded move done by the developers to force the farmers to leave the land.

Progress is good. Industrialized areas could mean better jobs and opportunities for the people. However, it may not be easy for some landowners to give up their properties that easily, especially if it has been in their family for generations.

What would they do if the developers were coercing them to sell their piece of land?

An old couple who lives in a village outside of Wuhan, China claimed that an unidentified man drove an excavator and dug a massive ditch around their house. The man allegedly works for the developers who were coercing them to sell their property.

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These are Ten Horrifying Stories That Will Make You Scared of Going to Hospitals

We hope that not one of them ever happens to you.


Being a professional in the medical field is never easy; countless lives are on the line every time a patient walks in through the hospital door. Healing people is a huge responsibility, which is why it is of great importance that health professionals maintain a high level of excellence and expertise in their field.

However, there are some instances when doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals make mistakes; after all, they are humans too. Nevertheless, it's downright horrifying thinking about botched surgeries and wrong lab results and medicines administered. There are several notorious stories of surgeons leaving foreign articles inside their patient's body which made headlines and macabre accounts of human experimentation done before the advent of research ethics.

We rounded up some of the worst medical mistakes ever recorded, and we hope that not one of them ever happens to you.

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Chinese Flight Attendants Protest Against this Airline’s Unofficial Ritual

The company ignored the complaints until the flight attendants’ protest went viral over the net.

Some companies or organizations require new employees to follow certain rituals. These initiation rites can be fun, difficult, and sometimes humiliating. No matter how hard the initiation is, the novices are supposed to endure the test. They have to prove that they have what it takes to be a part of the group.

However, these new employees have to consent to the practice. They have to be willing to undergo the rite because that’s what separates it from bullying or whatever form of oppression.

That is exactly what several flight attendants from Kunming Airlines in China wanted to point out. They are saying, “NO” to the airline’s unofficial tradition:

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