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Dog Befriends Lobster and Won’t Let Anyone Take Her New Friend Away!





We’ve seen unusual pet friendships featured on the Internet. We’ve seen cats getting chummy with chicks and goats being pals with ducks. But a dog and a lobster? Sounds really weird, but we have here proof that dogs can actually like lobsters and act as its knight-in-furry-armor.

Normally, we would fear for the lobster’s life because the big dog can inflict harm on it. But look what she did instead!


This affectionate German Shepherd won’t let anyone mess with her lobster friend. Watch this funny video and how the dog fenced off anyone who attempted to grab the crustacean from her.

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This is just so sweet! She was whining throughout the video and covering the defenseless lobster with her body. She tried to bite the lobster a couple of times but I don’t think it was her intention to eat it.

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