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Doctor Disproves Myth That Wearing Masks Reduces Oxygen Levels in the Body

Does wearing a face mask lower your oxygen levels? This doctor has the answer!

  • Dr. Maitiu O Tuathail has been asked by numerous patients if wearing a mask can have an effect on a person’s intake of oxygen.
  • He posted a 70-second video where he can be seen standing next to an oxygen meter. He then puts on six masks, one after the other to do an eye-opening demonstration.
  • According to a recent analysis, countries where wearing masks is common have considerable smaller outbreaks compared to countries where wearing masks is not the norm.

Despite the ravaging effects that can come to those unlucky enough to be severely affected by Covid-19, lots of people still don’t take it seriously and refuse to wear face masks. They have so many excuses, one of which is that the wearing the mask can lower one’s oxygen levels.

Dr. Maitiu O Tuathail, a general practitioner in Dublin, Ireland, has been asked by numerous patients if wearing a mask can indeed have an effect on a person’s intake of oxygen. This made him realize that a lot of people are still misinformed and thus decided to clear the facts publicly.

On his Twitter profile, Tuathail posted a 70-second video where he stands next to a oxygen meter.
In his demonstration, he proceeded to wear six disposable face masks, one after the other.
The monitor beside him, which shows the oxygen saturation levels in his blood, displayed that his levels remained steady despite having many coverings on his face.

The oxygen saturation level fluctuates just slightly, between 98 and 99 percent.

The doctor is aiming to debunk the myth that wearing masks can lower oxygen levels, a myth which is becoming popular these days as it is being spread by people who simply cannot comprehend the importance of wearing face masks.

Clearly, wearing masks is effective in reducing the risks of getting infected with the coronavirus. According to a recent analysis published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM), countries where wearing masks is common, including Japan and China, have considerably smaller outbreaks compared to countries were wearing masks isn’t the norm.

Also, a model from the University of Washington predicted that “the U.S. could prevent as many as 33,000 coronavirus deaths by October if 95% of the population wore face masks in public.”

Tuathail got great responses on Twitter as people shared that wearing masks is not really comfortable but is truly needed on our current situation.

These matches the rhetorical question posed by the researchers from the AJRCCM: “Is it not better to adopt a possibly imperfect protective measure, rather than waiting for more evidence at the expense of human lives?”


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