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Surgeon Receives Treatment While Performing Life-Saving Surgery On Patient

A Chinese doctor sacrifices his own health so he could finish a critical surgery on a patient.


We often hear about how doctors do not have to right to get sick as many lives depend on them. But our medical team members are also only human and even if they can perform miracles in the hospital, they still are not gods to be pain-resistant.

We often neglect this reality and since our own well-being is our first priority, we sometimes become unreasonably demanding to them. We are not aware of the sleepless nights they have to endure to save hundreds of patients a day and neglect to realize that their dedication to their tasks can also take a toll on their health.

It’s very rare to see a doctor getting treatment while performing a procedure on a patient.

Source: facebook

Just last week, a doctor in China showed how doctors can also suffer from health issues but at the same time proved how they set their problems aside just to save someone from death. Dr. Li Xin was photographed seemingly receiving treatment while performing a surgery on a patient. The photo which was posted on the Facebook page of China Global TV Network quickly became viral with many netizens expressing amazement and praising the doctor for his sacrifice, diligence, and commitment to his job.

Dr. Li Xin chose to stay in the operation room even after realizing he could not move his neck.

Source: facebook

According to the post, the surgeon was performing a critical surgery on a patient at the Chenzhou Children’s Hospital in Hunan Province, Central China when he noticed after 4 hours into the operation that he could not move his neck. Since he was not yet done with the surgery and knew that they are a couple more hours to finishing the procedure, the doctor decided to ask help from his team inside the operating room instead of leaving to get his own treatment.

The surgeon then received an emergency anesthesia therapy injection on his neck while performing the surgery. Fortunately, the treatment worked on Dr. Li Xin and was able to continue with the operation which lasted for 9 hours. According to reports, the surgeon still waited for the patient to be declared on safe state during the recovery before he went for a full examination for his condition.

The surgeon finished the operation before he went to see another doctor for his own treatment.

Source: facebook

It is definitely inspiring to learn how people can put their lives at risk for the sake of others. While we hear stories about doctors taking advantage of their profession, it is relieving to know that there are still experts out there who are truly concerned about their patients and put their everything on the line to save them.


Indian Politician Offers £1Million Bounty For Beheading ‘Padmavati’ Lead Actress, Director

A Bollywood actress and a director have been targets of grave threats after an Indian politician offered great bounty for their heads.

India is considered the world’s largest democratic country. However, due to its complex politics, a lot of restrictions are imposed films, books and other things that deal with freedom of expression.

A recent example is the upcoming Bollywood film “Padmavati,” starring actress Deepika Padukone and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film has sparked another controversy after an Indian politician offered a reward of £1million to anyone who would behead Padukone and Bhansali.

Suraj Pal Amu, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader from the northern state of Haryana, offered the bounty against actress Deepika Padukone and filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Sunday.

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Meet The World’s Hottest Soldier, Kim Mellibovsky Of Israel

I would not surely mind her arresting me.

Israel is known for a lot of things and one of these is its rigid rules in the military. It is basically compulsory for people there to serve in the army. But believe it or not, their armed forces are packed with beautiful women ready to wage war.

In fact, just recently, one of these angels came to light after photos of her found their way online. She is none other than Kim Mellibovsky, who is dubbed the hottest Israeli soldier. But, as mentioned, the country has a handful of these beauts in the army.

So, without further ado, we give you the hottest Israeli female soldier. You are definitely going to thank us later!

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Husband Hurled Acid On Wife’s Face For Getting A Part-Time Job

An Indian woman received an abusive reward from her husband for getting a job to feed their family.

Gender equality still remains to be a big issue these days, most especially among romantic partners. Husbands are still trapped in the traditional idea of being the sole breadwinner of the family and that they should be more successful than their spouses.

Relationships though should be a give-and-take partnership. Married couples vow to support each other through thick and thin, so a woman working on behalf of her husband shouldn’t be a problem at all. Apparently, it is for an Indian husband who had his pride pained by his wife getting a job.

A husband got jealous of his wife after getting a part-time job.

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