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Family Converts Their Ceiling Space Into Child’s Playroom – And It’s Awesome!





What do you do when you need an extra room in your house and creating a new one is out of the question? Most people would say that the best answer for such a dilemma is to reorganize furniture so as to maximize the use of existing space.

However, Angie and her family had a different solution – they looked up. Since their townhouse only had two bedrooms, they came up with the creative idea of building a loft where they can build a dedicated room for working and playing.

As a result, Angie and her daughter can now get busy with their stuff without disturbing each other.

Check out these images and see how they completed the project:

1. Angie and her daughter needed and extra room but didn’t have one. She eventually considered utilizing the ceiling space.

room for child 2

2. Her husband and father-in-law immediately went to work to build the clever loft.

room for child 3

3. Things started to take shape after the flooring was installed.

room for child 4

4. Railings, furniture, and decorations were then added to make the space safe, functional, and attractive.

room for child 5

5. Here’s the final result!

room for child 6

6. Now here’s the before and after photo of the DIY worspace and playroom project.

room for child 1

It simply looks amazing, doesn’t it? So in case you need an additional room in your house, you might want to consider this effective idea.

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