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How To Open A Master Lock In 3 Simple Ways





We sleep peacefully at night knowing that we are safe inside our homes, our valuables kept in place and securely locked. Some of us rely on these handy, convenient and cheaper locks that we usually get from hardware stores but “Are they really durable and safe?” or we just have to live in fear that thieves can invade our space and steal our things anytime.

From YouTuber Bosnianbill’s Lock Lab, the following videos below are 3 different ways to open a Master Lock. While these hacks might come in handy when you lose your keys or need to unlock something, you wouldn’t want any unauthorized person or intruder finding out about such tricks.

Hence, we should be very mindful about our security locks at home, school or even at work. Make sure you get your money’s worth by purchasing a durable one without compromising your safety or end up losing your valuables instead of securing them.

#1. Use a plastic zip tie.

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#2. A cat food can lid works too.

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#3. How about a bamboo skewer?

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Helpful hacks unlocked. Make sure to only use them at the right time though.

Credits: Bosnianbill

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