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Man Snorkeling In The Maldives Spotted a Very Disturbing Fish.

This is just bizarre… how is that even possible?


Many breathtaking, extreme and scary things can be found underwater– sharks, fishes, lost artifacts, sunken ships, underwater restaurant and whatnot. This fish being one of them is by far the strangest I have ever seen.

While snorkeling in the Maldives, a tourist came across a very unusual fish. It was almost unrecognizable at first yet upon looking closely, he noticed that it was a fish. Unfortunately, its entire body was missing yet it’s still alive. For some unknown reason, it can still swim like nothing really happened.

It is believed that the fish has been caught and gutted by a local fisherman where its head is separated from its body. The fish could have died instantly but this one seems to be fighting for its life.

Watch the bizarre video:

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Poor fish. Struggling to live but without a chance of even making it alive.

Credits: Reddit, Viral Nova, giuse fotograf


Beware: Gorgeous Women Specifically Target Unsuspecting, Travelling Men in this ‘Scam’.

After meeting in a bar, they went back to his place. But she has no idea it’s a trap!

I thought that only women are targeted by strangers on the road. Well, here's a story which proves that men are at risk of dangers too, particularly when they travel alone.

Canada's Travel and Escape TV station has a YouTube channel that features travel tips, exotic dishes, and a traveler's personal accounts. The channel also helps tourists to be on guard by exposing scams that specifically target travelling men and women.

Conor Woodman, the host of Travel and Escape's "Scam City"


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This Buddhist Monk Just Defied Physics by Meditating in a Pot of ‘Boiling Oil’

Magical powers, basic science, or plain trickery?

A news about a fascinating feat being performed by a Thai monk has raised the curiosity of people on the internet. As we all know, monks practice different types of meditation that display their discipline and strength... some people even call this magic.

The Triptaka also known as the ancient Pali Scriptures contain records of such miracles performed by monks. Do you think this Thai monk's act will someday be included on such scripture?

Thai monk sitting in a vat of boiling oil


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This is the Best Bus You Can Ride on Your Way to Work

Welcome on board the newest coffee and smart-gadget friendly bus.

For most of us who have to commute to and from work almost everyday, taking the bus is something that we dread doing, especially during Mondays. You have to sit on your butt during the long ride to the office and you’re stuck trying to get some much-needed sleep or make do with fidgeting with your smartphone. Now if you’re in THIS bus, you may not want to get off the ride.

This café-style bus launched by Leap is drawing raves from commuters in San Francisco. The inside of the bus is spacious, making it more comfortable for passengers. It has power outlets which you can use to plug your gadgets in. There’s free WiFi, so you can easily pass the time surfing the net while drinking your coffee. And yes, the bus serves drinks too.

See what this bus looks like:

So how do you get hold of this bus? Just use your GPS to track it then use the app to book your passes. What’s more, you can check out its customized social media and browse the profiles of other people who take this bus, which will come in handy if you encounter a cutie during your ride.

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