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Man Snorkeling In The Maldives Spotted a Very Disturbing Fish.





Many breathtaking, extreme and scary things can be found underwater– sharks, fishes, lost artifacts, sunken ships, underwater restaurant and whatnot. This fish being one of them is by far the strangest I have ever seen.

While snorkeling in the Maldives, a tourist came across a very unusual fish. It was almost unrecognizable at first yet upon looking closely, he noticed that it was a fish. Unfortunately, its entire body was missing yet it’s still alive. For some unknown reason, it can still swim like nothing really happened.

It is believed that the fish has been caught and gutted by a local fisherman where its head is separated from its body. The fish could have died instantly but this one seems to be fighting for its life.

Watch the bizarre video:

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Poor fish. Struggling to live but without a chance of even making it alive.

Credits: Reddit, Viral Nova, giuse fotograf

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