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DIY Guy Shows You Don’t Need To Spend Big Bucks For A Major Dining Room Makeover





Dining rooms come in different sizes and designs. In case you are far from satisfied with what you have at home, you may really don’t have to spend big bucks to give it a major makeover.

Imgur user MidnightXII proved exactly that.

In the photos he posted on the said image-sharing site, he showed how he managed to transform a simple dining room into an awesome one. Not only did he successfully improve the space but the room itself also looked much better. What’s most impressive about the entire project though is the fact that he used inexpensive materials to renovate the room.

Here’s how he did it:

1. This was how the dining room looked like. The hand-me-down set clearly didn’t match the space.

1. The dining room before. This hand-me-down dining set could only seat 6 and didn't really match the space.

Source: Imgur
2. Imgurian MidnightXII began the project by getting rid of the 6-seater set.

2. Goodbye hand-me-downs!

Source: Imgur
3. He then began building benches on the wall.

3. Starting to build the benches with supports and studs.

Source: Imgur
4. Next, he attached vertical and horizontal supports.

4. Attaching vertical and horizontal supports on the floor to prevent the booth from bending backwards.

Source: Imgur
5. He then created a second set of bench…

5. Wrapping the bench around the other walls. These supports couldn't attach to studs, so square supports that attached to the wall were built instead.

Source: Imgur
6… And a third one as well! He used plywood for the seats.

6. Plywood created the bench seats.

Source: Imgur
7. Foam was installed on the benches to make them comfy.

7. Seat foam was cut to size to make the benches more comfortable.

Source: Imgur
8. For seat cover, he used waterproof outdoor fabric – making it easy to clean up spills in the future.

8. Waterproof outdoor fabric was used to cover the seats. This makes for an easy clean-up in case of spills.

Source: Imgur
9. He then stapled the fabric to the benches.

9. Stapling the fabric to the benches.

Source: Imgur
10. For the bench facing, bead board was used.

10. Bead board was cut to size for the bench facing.

Source: Imgur
11. He also left a hole for the AC vent.

11. A hole for the AC vent.

Source: Imgur
12. The vent covers up mistakes in the cut of the hole.

12. The vent covers up any small mistakes that were made when the hole was cut.

Source: Imgur
13. Using an electric nail gun, he then attached trimmings.

13. Attaching trim with an electric nail gun.

Source: Imgur
14. White paint was used for the bead board.

14. Any gaps were filled in with caulk, and then the bead board was painted white.

Source: Imgur
15. And here’s the custom-built table.

15. Putting the custom-built table in place.

Source: Imgur
16. Several throw pillows and table setting made the room look much livelier and more spacious. It can now fit 12 to 15 people.

16. A few throw pillows and table setting accents bring the finished project together. This booth can now fit 12 people, and up to 15 if chairs are placed at the end of the table.

Source: Imgur
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