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Meet “Tree Man”, A BIG Gorgeous Hunk Who Became A Hot Male Obsession Online





The internet will never run out of the next online sensation. Remember cashmeousside girl? Nothing or no one escapes the scrutiny of netizens and tweets and posts start to spread like wildfire, a new “It” girl or guy is born.

Danny Jones, aka Tree Man, is the biggest thing to hit the internet, and we do mean BIG. I mean, just take a look at this guy!

It all started when a Twitter user “la loba” tweeted about Danny, complete with pictures showing how huge he is.

Turns out the man is a personal trainer and not only he is physically big, he is actually a handsome fellow as well. So naturally, word spread around about the Tree Man. Twitter just basically erupted.

He is SO hot that no less than Lana Del Rey joined in on the fun.

Source: Lana Del Rey

Source: Lana Del Rey
He is BIG. We can’t repeat that enough.

He stands 6’7 feet and weighs 265 lbs. MASSIVE. He can sub for The Mountain on Game of Thrones, only he’s more good-looking.

Just look at him towering over those kids like he is Godzilla or something.

He clearly needs a bigger bed. Preferably one with me on it.

Need to change the light bulb without having to use a stool? He’s your guy!

I don’t know which is more appetizing, pizza or him.

Thank God for emojis…or maybe not.

Just take a look at that butt!

Door vs. Tree Man.

I don’t want my head trapped between those thighs.

He’s also too big for regular stairs.

Unfortunately, it looks like Danny is off the market. Check out his hot lady.

Again, that emoji.

Thank you, Tree Man, for making our day.

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