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Heartwarming Video Shows Children Telling Their Dads How Much They Really Mean





Today is Father’s Day and there is no better way to celebrate this special occasion than to be with the only man who owns the title ‘The Best Dad In The World’–our fathers.

To honor and thank him, it’s a must for some to line up at malls and stores just to get him the best present. Meanwhile, others will opt for a more personalized greeting card, a simple text message or phone call, a kiss or a hug and many other ways to show him how much he is loved and appreciated.

Now, how about saying or doing all those things in front of our dads? In this video, 10 fathers with their kids get the chance to stand face to face and share their love for each other in the most special way. They are then asked to answer these,

‘Dad, what about me makes you proud?’
‘I’m grateful to you for..’
‘I’m proud of you for..’

Although most of them struggled at first to express what they feel in words, they succeeded in making it a perfect gift and a beautiful moment for fathers, sons and daughters.  Their answers are all sorts of funny, sweet, honest, full of love and truly ‘tear jerking’ too.

Watch the heartwarming video:

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If you’re blessed enough to still have your fathers around, now is your chance to tell and show them how grateful you are to have them. Others don’t or no longer get the same chance so don’t waste yours and tell them now. Happy Father’s Day!

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