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Woman’s Chore Chart For Her Husband Offers Interesting Rewards

Do the dishes and clean up the vomit to get a pack of beer and a BJ!

  • One woman’s sticker chore chart for her husband recently went viral on social media.
  • The post has earned mixed reactions from netizens, with some finding it funny and others bashing the couple.

Motivating kids and teens to do their share of home chores can be quite tricky. Parents need to be firm and creative to make sure that their children will do their work. In some cases, that could even mean not giving them the Wi-Fi password for the day unless they’re done washing the dishes or taking the trash out.

Getting a husband to help around is, of course, an entirely different story. Take it from wives who claim they’re doing most of the work without much aid from their significant other!

One woman recently gained mixed reactions from netizens after going viral because of her unusual chore chart for the husband.

If it works for the kids, it should work for the husband, too, right?

As it appears, this wife has a sticker chore chart for her hubby, offering him different rewards if he manages to accomplish his tasks.

The cutesy chart, complete with Disney stickers and all, lists down simple chores for the husband such as washing the dishes, packing the kids’ lunches, vacuuming car seats and cleaning up vomit, among others.

Meanwhile, some of the rewards include no nagging for a week, a 12-pack of his favorite beer, a strip tease, and yes, even a BJ. Because what kind of husband could refuse those sweet incentives, right?

Some netizens are bashing both the husband and wife because of the cart.

While some netizens immediately spotted the humor on the said viral post, others have been very negative about it.

For example, someone suggested that the chart is a proof of an “unhealthy marriage” while another said that it is “the worst thing ever.”

A commenter also wrote:

“Imagine being in a relationship so toxic that you need rewards and threats to coparent.”

Digging up some details about the viral post, however, we learned that the image has been making rounds online for more than 3 years now and it was originally posted on Twitter as a joke by Baby Sideburns, an account owned by Karen Alpert.

The mom-of-two from Illinois, who is happily married to her husband, has written funny parenting books such as ‘I Just Want to Pee Alone’ and ‘I Heart My Little A-Holes: A bunch of holy-crap moments no one ever told you about parenting.’


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