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This Daddy Will Show You 17 Adorable Ways to Hold a Baby





Having a baby for the first time can be nerve-wracking, specially for daddies. Holding a baby? Even more nerve-wracking! And sometimes, boring…

But there are actually more ways to hold a baby than you can imagine. Although, we are sure mommies haven’t tried of all them, we are definite that some daddies out there have held their babies in most of the ways in this list.

Running out of ways to hold your baby? Here are 17 ways to hold your baby like a pro…

#1. Standard Shoulder Hold


#2. Reverse Standard Shoulder Hold


#3. Need to Pick Something Up Chin Standard Shoulder Hold

baby 3

#4. Baby Jesus

baby 4

#5. Double Baby Jesus

baby 5

#6. Stinky Nappy For Me

baby 6

#7. Stinky Nappy For You

baby 7

#8. Box of Beers

baby 8

#9. Telephone

baby 9

#10. The Dance Partner

baby 10

#11. Bird on a Wire

baby 11

#12. Poor Man’s Front Pack


#13. Hide Ya Beer Belly


#14. The Rugby Ball Hold

baby 14

#15. The Other Rugby Ball Hold

baby 15

#16. The Show Off to Other Dads Superman

baby 16

#17. The Show Off to Other Kids Fish

baby 17

Watch the video:

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