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Shocking Footage Shows Careless Nurse Dropping A Newborn On His Head

Nurses should provide care for their patients, not harm them instead!


A postpartum care center in China is under fire after a careless nurse dropped a 19-days-old baby on his head. The infant’s family is set to file a lawsuit against the nurse and the institution.

The CCTV footage shows a nurse carelessly pushing the hospital stroller back and forth and it tipped over, with the baby sliding off and apparently hitting the ground head first.

The incident occurred at the Puruming Postpartum Care Center in Yanji, China.

Source: weibo

The nurse, who was wearing a purple scrub suit, was seen casually pushing the stroller. When the baby fell down, another worker ran toward the stroller to help the nurse pick the baby up.

The 14-second footage has gained numerous negative comments after being released to the public.

Beijing-based lawyer Yi Shenghua, who released the video, asked:

“Had the CCTV footage not been released, how long would you hide this matter from the public?”

The spokesperson of the center told reporters that the nurse was experienced and the baby was unharmed after the fall. In fact, the nurse had previously worked as a deputy director at a hospital for more than three decades.

The baby fell after the nurse carelessly moved the stroller back and forth.

Source: weibo

The spokesperson added that the matter is a case of “small negligence” from the worker. She told Daily Mail that a CT scan of the baby showed that there is no damage to the brain.

She said:

“After all, human beings are not gods. There would be times when an accident happens.”

However, the infant’s family will sue the female worker and the care center, saying that the worker was extremely irresponsible. Moreover, the fall could cause long-term effects on the baby.

The baby was reportedly unharmed but the family is determined to file charges.

Source: weibo

The family’s solicitor, Wang Xi said that although current tests show no damage to the brain, this could not guarantee the infant’s neurological health in the future.

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