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Funny Dad Trolls Daughter’s Engagement Photo and Wins The Internet

“My dad had other ideas.”


Nevada couple Levi Bliss and Allison Barron had been dating for over two years when Levi decided to finally pop the big question. As Levi dropped on one knee, the romantic moment took an unexpectedly hilarious turn when someone else showed up. It was Allison’s dad Jake holding a big sign with two words written – “Say No”.

Unknown to the couple, Jake had been at the top of the hill waiting for them and he wanted to be a part of their engagement in a funny way. And what he did eventually broke the internet.

Jake totally stole the scene!

According to Allison, Jake pulling a stunt like that just shows that he treats her future husband as part of the family.

She shared:

“This is really just my dad’s personality. We have a very close family and so he’s made little jokes like this before.”

So yes, Jake has no bad blood whatsoever against Levi – even though he totally photobomed their engagement pics. He was “just messing around” and “he likes him a lot,” clarified the bride-to-be.

The photo later went viral on social media.

Allison later posted her engagement photos on Twitter and captioned it “My dad had other ideas…” and it immediately became a viral hit from there. The post gained numerous likes and retweets from netizens plus it likewise attracted a lot of media attention.

Officially and happily engaged.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Allison also said:

“You always see little things like this blow up on Twitter and now it’s me. It [has] also been one of the best days ever, so I really get to just keep reliving it!”

Congratulations to Levi and Allison!

At the end of the day, we couldn’t help but feel happy for this adorable couple. It looks like they’d have a fun, wonderful marriage ahead of them.


Woman Celebrates 30th Birthday by Having “Funeral” for her Youth

R.I.P. to my youth!

Turning 30 is indeed a big milestone in life and so many people mark the occassion with a bang. One woman, however, decided to celebrate her 30th birthday in a very unique way.

Meet Mila Blatova. She recently hit the big 30 and she went viral because of her one-of-a-kind party. What did she do, you ask? Well she commemorated her birthday by holding a “funeral” for her youth!

Wearing all black from head to toe, complete with black lipstick and black balloons, Mila Blatova is mourning the death of her youth.

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Naughty Monkey Pulls Down Hot Girl’s Top in Thailand

The monkey obviously wanted some breast milk!

A close encounter with animals is always interesting and unpredictable. In some instances, they can even turn out hilarious. Just take it from tourists who learned their lessons the hard way after their individual disasters have been captured on film.

Well as it looks like, we have another person to add to that list. Meet Britanny Bowman, a backpacker from Los Angeles who has been going around South East Asia. Recently, she stopped by Chiang Mai, Thailand – a place popular for having lots of monkeys.

One of the monkeys climbed up Britanny’s leg.

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16 Times Stephen Hawking Made Us Laugh While Teaching About the Universe

Many knew him for his intelligence, but Stephen Hawking was also famous for his great sense of humor.

It cannot be denied that the late Stephen Hawking was among the greatest and most intelligent individuals in this world. While we still mourn the loss of an incredible scientist, perhaps it is only right to remember how significant he was. And what better way to do that than highlighting his humorous side!

Yes, that is right – Stephen’s humor was as great as his intelligence. This was even clearly stated in a documentary called “Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Mine.” According to him, humor will always have a major role in his life. Why exactly? Well, that is because it helped him overcome the struggle of degenerative motor neuron disease, a condition he was first diagnosed in 1963.

Albeit known for his intelligence, Stephen Hawking was also a man with a great sense of humor.

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