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This Girl Built Her Dad’s 550-sq-ft House on the Coast of Maine, Using Her Own Hands.

Oh my… it’s sooo lovely!


Everyone of us has a dream and even though some aren’t fortunate enough to follow the path towards it, they still carry with them the hope that someday they’ll make that dream happen.

Bruce Porter is one of those dreamers yet what he only wants are simple things in life. His lifelong dream is to live in a tiny house on a remote island which led him to buying a small piece of land off the Maine Coast on Ragged Island. He spent the next 30 years hoping that someday he could build his dream home yet they remain nothing but dreams.

Meanwhile, his daughter Alex Scott Porter grew up and may have gotten the passion and inspiration from her father when she decided to be an architect. She made her dad’s dream happen by helping him build his dream home, a beautiful tiny house which is only 550-square-foot that qualifies for the Tiny House Movement. The airy interiors and high ceilings of the house make it more spacious despite its size. The energy solutions are quite remarkable as well.

It is already a sight to behold outside while the architecture is exquisitely done.


Ragged Island is a remote are that doesn’t have electricity. Alternative power comes from the solar panel attached to the roof of the porch.


The roof also feeds water into a collection tank that’s used with propane to heat and power the kitchen area.


Another unique invention inside this home is a refrigerator specially designed to keep medical supplies cold in places like this.


Panel slides are also made for the windows like hurricane shutters to protect the house from harsh weathers.


The view of the ocean is breathtaking but it can be risky during a storm.


Locally sourced materials are also used like cattle fencing for the loft fence and plumbing pipe for the railing.


High ceilings give the tiny home a room for more space.


The interior walls are made up of diagonally arranged white pine boards.


Natural light from the glass windows makes the interior airy and lighter.


A small wood stove keeps the cabin warm whenever the temperature plummets.


This beautiful home was once a dream, now a reality.



16-Year-Old Teen Builds A Tiny House For His Future

This teen wanted to build a Tree House, but ended up making an incredible Tiny House!

Nowadays, teens are more concerned about what they posts on Facebook, computer games, crushes, bullying. But Austin Hay, 16 year old, is an exception. Austin is more concerned about his future home mortgage payments so he started building his own future home in 2010. Austin was inspired after watching his dad rebuild their family home that was burnt down. With his dad's dedication as his inspiration and a little knowledge he acquired from his high school shop class, Austin bought a $2,000 trailer using the money he earned from his summer job. Then he started constructing his 130 square-foot tiny house.

What an awesome kid! When asked if anyone can build their own home, Austin quickly replied without any second thoughts, "Oh yeah, they just have to put their mind to it, and that's what scares people. That and it's hard work."

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He was Plagued by Bullies at School. What He Did? He Taught Everyone a LESSON!

This is wonderful! One act of kindness is contagious.


WestJet  Airlines has been very successful with their marketing campaign every year. Most of them went viral. They were unique, creative and outstanding. Their every campaign expressed something new to the market. It primarily provided a wonderful experience to their customers and clients. And not only that, they promote advocacy that in one way or another, help and inspire people.

One great advocacy of WestJest is the fight against bullying. The goal is simply to create and promote awareness especially to teenagers regarding the negative effects it will bring to the victim and how to cope up with it.  Nowadays, bullying is already becoming rampant and there are lots of stories that have been circulating in the news about such horrible occurrences. WestJest campaign about bullying is just very timely. The way the message is communicated is very clear and direct.

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Guy Shows How He Transformed His Tiny Apartment Into A Full-Featured Decent Home

They thought he was crazy when he moved into a 258 square feet apartment.


Previously, we shared the story of a man who transformed a hideous garage into an amazing house. The ingenuity and art of architecture has once again been portrayed in this incredible transformation of a tiny apartment into a beautiful, very organized house. Who would have thought that a 258 square feet (24 square meters) can become a decent home? You heard me right! The place is basically just like a kiosk store. Whenever you come across a kiosk store in the mall, try to imagine placing a dining table, bed, kitchen and a bathroom with complete accessories. Quite impossible, right?

But that's not the case of Christian Schallert, the owner of the tiny house in this video. With the help of his architect friend, Barbara Appolloni, they have managed to place all features that a decent house should have in that tiny area. They were really creative in utilizing the idea of concealing everything behind the wall to maximize the area. I hope they can design my bedroom into something like this.

Watch the incredible video:

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