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This Girl Built Her Dad’s 550-sq-ft House on the Coast of Maine, Using Her Own Hands.





Everyone of us has a dream and even though some aren’t fortunate enough to follow the path towards it, they still carry with them the hope that someday they’ll make that dream happen.

Bruce Porter is one of those dreamers yet what he only wants are simple things in life. His lifelong dream is to live in a tiny house on a remote island which led him to buying a small piece of land off the Maine Coast on Ragged Island. He spent the next 30 years hoping that someday he could build his dream home yet they remain nothing but dreams.

Meanwhile, his daughter Alex Scott Porter grew up and may have gotten the passion and inspiration from her father when she decided to be an architect. She made her dad’s dream happen by helping him build his dream home, a beautiful tiny house which is only 550-square-foot that qualifies for the Tiny House Movement. The airy interiors and high ceilings of the house make it more spacious despite its size. The energy solutions are quite remarkable as well.

It is already a sight to behold outside while the architecture is exquisitely done.


Ragged Island is a remote are that doesn’t have electricity. Alternative power comes from the solar panel attached to the roof of the porch.


The roof also feeds water into a collection tank that’s used with propane to heat and power the kitchen area.


Another unique invention inside this home is a refrigerator specially designed to keep medical supplies cold in places like this.


Panel slides are also made for the windows like hurricane shutters to protect the house from harsh weathers.


The view of the ocean is breathtaking but it can be risky during a storm.


Locally sourced materials are also used like cattle fencing for the loft fence and plumbing pipe for the railing.


High ceilings give the tiny home a room for more space.


The interior walls are made up of diagonally arranged white pine boards.


Natural light from the glass windows makes the interior airy and lighter.


A small wood stove keeps the cabin warm whenever the temperature plummets.


This beautiful home was once a dream, now a reality.


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