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Farm Earns $68,000 In Pandemic By Offering Zoom Calls With Goats




  • Based in Lancashire, England, the Cronkshaw Fold Farm has stayed busy despite the pandemic after offering Zoom calls with goats.
  • People get to pick any of the 12 goats in the farm and pay £5 for a scheduled video conference.
  • The idea began as a joke and now they’re getting customers from different countries.

Sometimes it’s the strangest business ideas that bring in the biggest bucks. Case in point, one farm in Lancashire, England has been earning great during the pandemic after providing their customers with an unusual service – Zoom calls with goats.

According to reports, the Cronkshaw Fold Farm has earned £50,000 (US $68,000) since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic by providing scheduled video conferences with their goats. Each customer pays £5 for a video call with one of the farm’s eleven goats. The money has helped them keep the farm open and pay their staff while converting to renewable power at the same time.

Since offering the service, Dot McCarthy said they constantly receive numerous bookings and inquiries.

As she shared in an interview:

“This started as a joke. I came up with the idea, told my employee Emma and we agreed it was completely wacky and we should prioritize other money making ideas.

“I put it on the website that evening anyway along with Emma’s email address for bookings. I woke up, I had loads of missed calls from Emma saying she’d been inundated with emails and couldn’t keep up with the demand for goat calls.”

It’s a smash-hit of a business idea!

“We’ve had everyone from the European management team of Facebook, to NHS staff in need of a cheer up, to virtual church services – the vicars always seem to choose Mary the goat and I am pleased to say we have made over 50k so far,” the 32-year-old woman added.

So far, they’ve had customers from Australia, China, Russia, and the United States, among others.
Of course, McCarthy pointed out that this idea is much better than selling manure.

“It’s way easier and more fun,” she admitted.

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