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Couple’s Sweet Vacation Photo Becomes Totally NSFW Because of Optical Illusion

It will make you do a double take.


Optical illusions can be fun and entertaining, but they can also be scary or scandalous. In one couple’s case, it was the latter.

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A Redditor with the username Summerie posted a photo on r/funny, and it’s been getting a lot of attention. According to the user, the photo was originally shared by her friend to Facebook. Summerie posted:

“My friend posted a new profile pic with her boyfriend, and everyone took a double take…”

This is the photo that has been causing a lot of people to take a second look.

At first look, the photo seems NSFW. But this snapshot is totally innocent – just two lovers posing for a photo while on a nice day out.

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For a split second, your eyes might be tricked into thinking that the guy is totally naked and grabbing his crotch. But the man in the photo is merely holding the woman’s legs.

It’s easy to see the real photo, but the optical illusion is quite hard to shake off.

The photo has already gathered many comments, views, and shares since its posting. Some users say they ‘get it,’ while others say they don’t. One user commented:

“At first, in the thumbnail, I thought he was totally naked. Then I realized that was his hand. Then I clicked it and realized it was her legs. Then I went back to the thumbnail, and I thought they must’ve done that intentionally. Then I clicked it again and realized they didn’t. This post has been an absolute emotional rollercoaster for me but without emotions involved ’cause I really don’t care all that much, and it was only 10 seconds, but then it took me like another minute to write out this comment.”

While another said:

“Thank you for explaining. I had no idea what was going on until I read your story, lol. I spent a good 5 minutes looking at it, and everything seemed fine. I felt like a creeper. Hah.


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