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Couple Wants to Remove Island From the Background. They Instantly Regret It!


You and your significant other just went on a terrific beach vacation. Eventually, you went home with fond memories of the trip. Like most people, you took a lot of photos during our getaway but then again you notice something odd – one of your pictures isn’t as perfect as you want it to be.

In the case we’ll share below, the couple wanted to have the island in their background removed. What they eventually did was to post the original photo online and requested help from the Photoshop experts of 4chan.

As you can probably guess, things didn’t actually go quite well.

Posted on 4chan, the request was actually a simple one – to “Photoshop the island out.”

couple-island-photoshop-request 1

Instead of getting the outcome they wanted, online trolls had a field day and took the opportunity to play around with the photo.

Here are the hilarious results:

#1. He said “Photoshop the island OUT,” right?

couple-island-photoshop-request 2

#2. “Oops! My bad!”

couple-island-photoshop-request 3

#3. Island removed.

couple-island-photoshop-request 4

#4. How about this one?

couple-island-photoshop-request 5

#5. Island out, rainbow in.

couple-island-photoshop-request 6

#6. That epic cropping.

couple-island-photoshop-request 7

#7. They’ll both be “out” soon.

couple-island-photoshop-request 8

#8. An unexpected switch.

couple-island-photoshop-request 9

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